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The OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium seeks to bring the benefits of health care research to all of Florida’s 67 counties. The consortium unites researchers, clinicians, patients and other stakeholders to work to address some of Florida’s biggest health challenges right where Floridians receive care: in clinics and hospitals around the state. Over time, the consortium envisions creating a “learning network” for the state, in which lessons from research, patient experiences and care across the state are translated back into improved health, health care and health policy for Floridians.

Traditional research has focused heavily on whether techniques to improve health have worked in highly controlled settings that do not accurately reflect the realities of real-world health care. Therefore, the University of Florida Clinical and Translational Science Institute led the development of the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium, which includes the University of Florida, Florida State University and the University of Miami as partners, to effectively take research from academic environments into the community practices of Florida—a practice called clinical translation. In the process, we learn new things about how to translate research findings into the real world.

The consortium’s central aim is to give everyone a seat at the table, including patients, health care providers and researchers, to facilitate a multi-way exchange of information. This commitment is part of a larger national shift toward more patient-centered research and is reflected in how the consortium is organized. All committees include patient stakeholders, who provide insight into the lived experiences of patients and help inform the research process. OneFlorida partners encompass 22 hospitals, 416 clinic settings and 3,250 physician providers, which provide care for more than 10 million patients across all of Florida’s counties. Together, OneFlorida partners cover 39 percent of the patient population in what will soon be the nation’s third largest state.

The consortium is the umbrella organization for several ongoing research projects. Activities and projects that center around specific health problems are considered to be part of one of the OneFlorida Research Alliances. We are currently working on funded projects related to the OneFlorida Cancer Control Alliance. OneFlorida Heart Wellness and OneFlorida Dental Alliances are in development.

Interested in becoming involved? Please email for any questions you may have.