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Apply for Research Infrastructure Utilization

To begin the administrative review process, all applications must be sent to with any supporting documentation. A full application review will begin once the application is complete. Principal investigators may submit this application to receive a Letter of Support for a grant application or after they have received funding to apply to use the consortium’s research infrastructure.


If you have any questions regarding the application process or how to collaborate with the consortium, consider scheduling a OneFlorida Research Consultation here.

Important Note:
This application is intended for principal investigators who are interested in conducting interventional or observational studies using the consortium’s infrastructure, which includes the statewide practice network and the OneFlorida Data Trust, including patient-level data. If you are only interested in cohort discovery that features aggregate patient data or practice demographics and attributes, fill out the Prep-to-Research Application here.


Application Review Criteria

All applications to utilize the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium undergo rigorous review. A research study may be considered to be a OneFlorida study if it meets one or more of the following criteria and is reviewed and approved by the OneFlorida Executive or Steering Committee:

  1. Is patient-centered[1]
  2. Focuses on the scientific mission of OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium
  3. Uses one or more health systems that comprise the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium, or Uses the OneFlorida Data Trust and/or the practice-based research network and/or OneFlorida infrastructure/resources

Priority will be given to studies that are strong in the following categories:

  • Scientific rationale or merit
  • Impact
  • Feasibility
  • Potential for Funding
  • Patient-centeredness
  • Novelty/Avoiding duplication

Application Review Process

The complete application will be sent to the OneFlorida Administrative Director. Please allow at least three weeks for approval and a letter of support after you submit your materials.

Principal investigators, CDRN directors and/or Data Trust faculty and staff will meet to discuss your study’s unique needs and consortium resources.


The application will undergo review to establish budget, feasibility assessments, approval letter and scientific review.


The application will then be sent to the Executive Committee for final approval.


After approval, the Integrated Clinical Research Program Manager and Data Trust Manager will identify your study’s milestones.

The OneFlorida Administrative Director will provide the data package and/or letter of support, as appropriate.

[1] A research activity is patient-centered if it pursues a question that is important to patients, measures outcomes that are noticeable and meaningful to them, and produces results that help them weigh the value of healthcare options given their personal circumstances, conditions, and preferences