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Research Infrastructure

The consortium includes two main levels of infrastructure:

  • A central repository of patient-level, HIPAA-limited electronic health record and health insurance data transformed into a common data model, called the OneFlorida Data Trust. The common data model enables the creation of analysis-ready standardized data to support both observational studies and pragmatic randomized clinical trials. It also provides the opportunity for cohort discovery, analyses for study optimization as preparation for research, and augmentation of data streams during interventional trials.
  • A statewide practice network presenting opportunities to engage clinicians and patients in diverse health care settings via interventional studies.

The Data Trust

The OneFlorida Data Trust is a repository of statewide health-care data that is regularly updated with the inclusion of new partners and data refreshes from existing partners. All data is cleaned, transformed, curated and contained in this centralized data warehouse, allowing streamlined inquiries and uniform results. The Data Trust is accessible to investigators by contacting the OneFlorida Coordinating Center. Legal agreements for data use and use of a centralized IRB have already been negotiated with all partners, reducing paperwork and administrative burden.

The Data Trust contains claims and encounter data for Floridians enrolled in Medicaid and robust patient-level electronic health record data from public and private health care systems that are consortium partners. The data includes diagnoses, procedures, medications, patient demographics, unique patient codes for re-identification by consortium partners and other data elements in the PCORnet Common Data Model (CDM). For individual studies, data queries can be highly tailored, and the consortium is enhancing the Data Trust with data elements beyond the PCORnet CDM.

The Practice-Based Research Network

The Data Trust complements the consortium’s Practice Network. The OneFlorida Practice-based Research Network allows the conduct of pragmatic clinical trials and other interventional studies in the consortium’s research-ready clinics. Research is conducted in real-world settings to promote the uptake and sustainability of evidence-based health care practices.

The Practice Network is managed by the Integrated Clinical Research Program, which coordinates a variety of research supports designed to create an efficient and streamlined process for practice and patient recruitment, ongoing data collection and assessment of patient outcomes.

Intervention sites include academic health care centers and affiliated clinics, private health systems and clinics, public health care systems and clinics, community health centers, and physician-owned practices.