Antibiotic Use in Infants and Obesity

Full Title: Antibiotic Use in Infants and Obesity Study (ABX)
Jason Block, M.D., MPH
PI Institution: Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Institute
Site PI: David Janicke, Ph.D., ABPP
Site PI Institution: 
University of Florida
Citizen Scientist: Myrtle Graham
Project Manager: Damian Alderman

Start Date: 02/25/2016
End Date: 12/01/2017

Funding Source: PCORI

Abstract: Antibiotics rank among the more valuable medical discoveries of the 20th century. Unfortunately antibiotics have been prescribed appropriately and inappropriately, with a peak prescribing rate being for infants and children between 3-24 months old. While it has been known for decades about the growth effects of antibiotics on farm animals, reports of these effects on children have emerged fairly recently. However there has not been a study large enough to test out the different types, timings and amount of antibiotic treatment. The PCORnet Antibiotic Use in Infants and Obesity Study aims to be such a study.

This study will look at antibiotic use in the first two years of life, and examine any possible relationship with weight gain in later childhood. Using the vast amount of data available through PCORnet, this study will review around 600,000 patient records to determine what effects, if any, different types of antibiotics have on children’s growth and weight at ages 5 and 10. Additionally this study will look at the timing (frequency) and the amount of antibiotic use and other factors that could potentially affect weight gain or loss.

The PI for the nationwide study is Jason Block, M.D., MPH, assistant professor in the Department of Population Science at Harvard Medical School. The OneFlorida site PI for this study is David Janicke, Ph.D., ABPP, co-leader of the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium Obesity Work Group and professor at the University of Florida in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology.  This study will utilize data from three OneFlorida partners: Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Orlando Health, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, and UF Health.

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