Beth Kidder


Assistant Deputy Secretary for Medicaid Operation, Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
Member, OneFlorida Executive and Steering Committees

Beth Kidder is the Interim Deputy Secretary for Medicaid at the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). Kidder will ensure that the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium can query de-identified data for Florida’s Medicaid and CHIP programs which serve over four million individuals with an annual budget in excess of $25 billion. She, along with AHCA, will help identify study questions and issues that are of significance to the Medicaid and CHIP populations. Kidder and AHCA are focused on the mission of ensuring that Floridians enrolled in their programs are efficiently and effectively served.

Kidder has eighteen years of experience working for state Medicaid programs including fifteen years with Florida Medicaid and twelve years in executive management positions. She spent the past five years as the Assistant Deputy Secretary for Medicaid Policy and Quality and in October 2016 added the duty of leading Florida’s Medicaid program. Her expertise is in managed care, long-term care services, waiver programs, and development of coverage policies. Kidder holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and a Master of Public Policy degree from Duke University.