COVID-19: Frontline healthcare workers give it their best shot with HERO-TOGETHER

COVID-19 vaccine vials

OneFlorida researchers have partnered with HERO-TOGETHER, a nationwide study focused on the long-term impact of COVID-19 vaccines. Thousands of frontline healthcare workers around the country have already joined the effort to understand how people do after vaccination and build public confidence for vaccine use over time.

Participation is easy: Simply join the HERO Registry and complete a few brief surveys about how you’re feeling and any health changes you’ve experienced since your vaccine. (If you are already a member of the HERO Registry, you’ll receive an invitation to participate in the participant portal.)

As the HERO research team learns more about experiences from people like you who are vaccinated, they’ll share their findings with you.

The HERO Registry and participation in HERO-TOGETHER is open to all people working in health care in any setting.

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