Full Title: Florida Increases Rates of Screening and Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus (FIRST HCV)
Anna Giuliano, Ph.D., Patricia Jones M.D., Elizabeth Shenkman, Ph.D.
PI Institution: Moffitt, University of Florida, University of Miami
Study Staff:
Katie Blackburn

Funding Agency: Florida Academic Cancer Center Alliance

Abstract: The overall goal of our research is to develop and implement practice based interventions to reduce the incidence of Hepatitis C virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma by 50%. To accomplish this, we will build a state-wide electronic health record (EHR) infrastructure to monitor HCV screening and treatment completion rates and implement EHR based interventions to increase HCV screening and treatment in Florida. An important first step in achieving this goal is the funding of a state-wide HCV-HCC coalition to plan and implement studies across multiple health systems as proposed here. We propose to create a comprehensive Florida data repository, by
bringing together the USF Health EHR data (supported by funds from a recently awarded Moffitt Team Science grant) and the OneFlorida Data Trust, a repository of EHR data from multiple health systems (includes University of Florida and University of Miami), that currently does not include USF Health (Moffitt catchment area). To ensure the validity of HCV treatment data we will also leverage data that will be obtained from the recently funded Anna Valentine award to verify USF Health EHR HCV screening and treatment data via chart review. As Florida is diverse with respect to risk populations and health care delivery, we propose to verify HCV treatment and key patient demographic variables such as ethnicity and HIV status in different Florida counties, within the OneFlorida Data Trust.

OneFlorida Partner Sites

University of Florida
Miami UHealth
University of Miami

OneFlorida Partners

  • University of Florida and UF Health
  • University of Miami and UHealth-the University of Miami Health System

External Partners

  • H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute

Contact Information

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