Front Door

The OneFlorida+ Front Door is your access point for using the network’s infrastructure. From here, researchers can submit a prep-to-research data query, which helps them identify the size of patient populations in the network available for studies, formulate hypotheses and identify trends within targeted populations, or apply to use the OneFlorida+ research infrastructure, including the practice-based research network, central IRB and more. Writing a grant proposal? Please visit our Funding Citations page to ensure you’re appropriately including OneFlorida+ and its associated funding organizations in your grant submissions.

Next Steps After Receiving Funding

Once you receive funding, please set up a study implementation meeting by sending an email to At this meeting, you can discuss the various components of your study, budget requirements, timelines, expectations, etc. Please bring an approved protocol and workplan.

It is recommended that you request a study implementation meeting within one week of receiving your Notice of Award (NOA) or as soon as start dates are identified, if prior to the NOA, to ensure a timely study launch within the network. In addition, the OneFlorida+ Coordinating Center always appreciates interim updates regarding your funding status to appropriately allocate resources.

Send any grant updates to

Research Services

The OneFlorida+ Coordinating Center, housed at the University of Florida Clinical and Translational Science Institute with partner staff throughout the state, facilitates efforts across the network’s infrastructure to ensure an integrated, seamless experience for investigators. The benefit of using the OneFlorida+ Clinical Research Network infrastructure involves the availability of a wide array of research resources, including but not limited to:

Support to identify eligible patient populations and/or clinical practices
OneFlorida+ Data Trust with extensive health care information for cohort discovery, study feasibility, study data collection, and observational studies
Information technology resources
Data analytics warehouse
Biorepository capability, available through the University of Florida Clinical and Translational Science Institute

The OneFlorida+ Clinical Research Network partners have all signed agreements to be part of the OneFlorida+ Institutional Review Board (IRB) to facilitate the review and approval of multisite protocols and to streamline the submission process. As part of the process, it is required that the OneFlorida+ IRB Coordinator, Jane-Ann Norton, be added to the study as “Other”.

For information on how to obtain a myIRB account, click here.

In addition, the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium is a Participating Institution in the SMART IRB Platform. The SMART IRB platform, also known as a Single IRB of record, is used for multiple sites throughout the US, while the OneFlorida IRB is local for the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium.

Participant recruitment services, including the Consent2Share process and in-person recruitment
Partnerships with clinical champions to facilitate practice recruitment
Trained practice research facilitators to support study implementation and patient recruitment

At the University of Florida, the Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s Clinical Citizen Scientist Program engages community members as partners with scientists and clinicians in the research process. Patients with lived experience and families of individuals with particular health care issues collaborate throughout the entire research endeavor, including identifying study topics, study design, recruitment, retention, interpretation of the findings, and information dissemination.

At the University of Miami, the Clinical and Translational Science Institute is expanding the way research reaches patients. With the launch of the Consent-To-Contact Initiative, patients can take advantage of a new service that creates opportunities for them to participate in the latest clinical studies that are right for them. They do so by authorizing their consent to be contacted about research during point of care at a University of Miami Health System (UHealth) clinic.

To explore how to incorporate stakeholders into your study, contact the Coordinating Center at

The OneFlorida+ Clinical Research Network incentivizes clinician engagement in research by supporting the translation of research activities into quality improvement projects, through its Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program. In 2016, the consortium was approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties to offer MOC credits to physicians. To learn more, contact