OneFlorida Launches PROVIDE-HF

OneFlorida is serving as a recruitment center for the PCORnet study PROVIDE-HF (Patient-Reported Outcomes investigation following Initiation of Drug therapy with Entresto [Sacubitril/Valsartan]). The study will evaluate patient-reported outcomes (PROs) for participants receiving this new medication to treat chronic heart failure compared with PROs for patients receiving the standard ACE-inhibitor enalapril. OneFlorida currently has the third-highest number of enrollees among the CDRNs participating in the study.

Clinical studies have already demonstrated the superiority of sacubitril/valsartan compared with the current standard of care for treating patients with chronic heart failure. However, as researchers and clinicians place a greater emphasis on patient-centered care, PROs are taking on greater significance in assessing the effectiveness of a new drug or therapy.

Led by Robert J. Mentz, MD, assistant professor at Duke University School of Medicine, PROVIDE-HF will enroll 1,500 patients with chronic heart failure by September 2018. Half of the study participants will receive the standard treatment and the other half will receive the new drug. All study participants will assess aspects of their quality of life, such as symptoms and physical limitations, using a 23-item questionnaire during the 12-week study period. The study aim: to determine if study participants receiving sacubitril/valsartan experience any changes in symptoms and improvements in their quality of life compared to those receiving the standard of care.

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