OneFlorida Portfolio Program Awards MOC Credit to First Group of Physicians

OneFlorida has begun its first Portfolio Program research project to tie Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit to study participation.

OneFlorida received Portfolio Program sponsorship through the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) in 2016. This multi-specialty program allows health care organizations to recognize and translate work already being done by physicians into tangible credit toward their MOC Part IV requirements. OneFlorida’s MOC Program Manager Janet Brishke, MPH, manages the creation, implementation, and completions for all OneFlorida MOC courses. She also maintains the documentation needed to retain OneFlorida’s status as a multi-specialty portfolio sponsor with ABMS.

The OneFlorida research project, a tobacco prevention study led by Ramzi Salloum, Ph.D., at the University of Florida, aims to improve the capacity of pediatric clinics to screen and counsel their adolescent patients on tobacco use with electronic screening, electronic health records and patient portals. Clinical practice facilitators also train providers and office staff on the implementation of best practices using evidence-based tobacco prevention strategies.

To earn MOC credit, physicians participating in the study were required to document whether they asked and advised adolescent patients about tobacco use during well-child visits. At three points during the study, participants retrieved patient records at random to determine their ask/advise rates. Participants then set goals for either improving their ask/advise rates or meeting a set ask/advise rate.

In November 2017, three physicians completed the course and earned 25 points of MOC Part IV credit, making them the first to earn credit through OneFlorida’s MOC Portfolio Program. Since then, four additional physicians have completed the course and received credit. During the course of the study, participants raised their cumulative ask rate of 76 percent at baseline to 96 percent. Participants’ advise rates rose from 40 percent at baseline to 89 percent at the end of the project. Three additional physicians are working their way through the tobacco course and are expected to earn MOC credit later this year.

For more information about the OneFlorida MOC Part IV training program or to receive MOC credit in the tobacco prevention study (free qualifying for clinicians at OneFlorida institutions), click the ‘Services’ tab on the OneFlorida website or contact the MOC team at

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