Full Title: Optimizing Blood Pressure Control (OPTI-BP)
Rhonda Cooper-DeHoff, PharmD, M.S.
PI Institution: University of Florida
Study Staff: 
Dorothy Mwachiro

Funding Source: UF CTSI Translational Pilot Program

Abstract: Disparities in hypertension (HTN) prevalence, treatment and control in the US have persisted for decades, and awareness of, treatment for, and control of HTN is not optimal. Blacks and Latinos are disproportionately affected by HTN.

Plasma renin activity (PRA) plays a major role in the body’s regulation of blood pressure. Although it has long been suggested that PRA could, and should, be used as a biomarker to more precisely guide anti-HTN drug selection, it has yet to be widely accepted or applied in clinical practice.

Optimizing Precision of HTN Care to Maximize BP Control Pilot (OPTI-BP Pilot), an on-going study, is a pragmatic, open label clinical trial, based on a conceptual framework that utilizes a mixed methods approach. We have implemented an existing smartphone app that suggests the appropriate anti-HTN medication based on the patient’s PRA level. This app has been incorporated into the workflow of 3 rural OneFlorida primary care clinics where disparate populations are common. A total of 46 patients with untreated or uncontrolled HTN have been enrolled.

Because the study is still ongoing, data has not yet been extracted from the EMR. We plan to compare blood pressure when study participation is complete (end of 6 months) with blood pressure before the study participation began. We will also compare blood pressure control in the enrolled population with a cohort of age, race and gender matched historical control group from each of the three clinics.

The success of our intervention will be determined largely by effectiveness of the implemented tool to improve blood pressure lowering to anti-HTN drugs and satisfaction of key stakeholders, both providers and patients.

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